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August 13, 2019.

Valles Steamship (Canada) Ltd. (Valles) can confirm that a tank vessel under its management, the M/T SEANOSTRUM (IMO No 9259185) was involved in a collision with a bulk carrier the M/V  Maga Trump at about 1555 EDT local time 13th of August  whilst at Buckeye terminal, Bayonne, New Jersey.


There was a breach of watertight compartment but no oil spilled to the water. The ship was loaded with Crude Oil. One Person (Able Seaman) has injuries on board the vessel.


As a result of the collision the M.T. SEANOSTRUM suffered damage to her no 3 port WBT and crack on Bulkhead shared with no 3 COT.


Valles’ top priorities are:

To protect the safety of all responders and workers on the scene. Ascertain the degree of damage and minimize any possible impact on the public and the environment cooperating fully with the local authorities.


Valles has activated its emergency response plans, mobilized personnel to assess and address the incident and has notified all appropriate government entities.


M/T SEANOSTRUM is a 246.78 meters-long tanker registered in Hong Kong. She was built in 2002.



For all further enquiries or updates on the situation please contact  Tim O’Leary at +1 281 352 7740

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