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In 1917, Valles was founded by Mr. C.S. Koo in Shanghai as a family business.  Over the years, the Company evolved from a customs brokerage house to a shipowner providing general cargo and passenger transportation services along Yangtze River and the Northern Coast of China.  In 1949, the Company's operations was transferred to Hong Kong where Valles Steamship Co., Ltd. was formed.  Under the leadership of Mr. K.M. Koo, Valles continued its expansion.  By now, Valles owned and operated modern Aframax, Panamax and Capsize Bulkcarrier tonnage chartered to Japanese shipping companies and U.S. oil majors trading worldwide.  In 1995, Valles Steamship (Canada) Ltd. was created and the Company's ship management was transferred to Vancouver where it remains today.



Valles has conservatively expanded over the years, and through the generations, the company has remained private.  Valles currently is under the leadership of the third generation: Mr. David Koo, Mr. Eric Koo, Mr. Kingsley Koo and Mrs. Alice Koo Lau.  They are all directors at the company.

The fourth generation have already taken up leadership roles at the business.  Mr. Wellington Koo serves as a Director, Ms. Tracy Koo as Commercial Manager and Mr. Jeffrey Lau is responsible for the Finance & Investments while also assuming various roles on the shipping side.

Over the years, Valles and the Koo family have given back to the community through various philanthropic efforts.  The Koo Kou Ming Charitable Foundation (KKMCF) was formed in memory of Great-grand father, Grand father and Father, K.M. Koo.  KKMCF has donated to many local charities in Hong Kong.  In addition, KKMCF has donated to Ning Po College in Hong Kong and the city of Ningbo in order to improve the quality of life of its people.

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