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Valles is committed to being the customer's first choice in the transportation of cargoes by sea.  The Company undertakes to be more efficient, effective and trustworthy in fulfilling responsibilities towards customers and endeavors to strictly adhere to its Health, Safety, Security and Environmental protection policies.  To this effect, Valles' commitment to its vision and mission starts from within.  The Company looks to build trust within its own organization and to maintain a positive working atmosphere in order to enable creativity, innovation and teamwork.  Valles aims to develop competence levels of its employees and to recognize good performance in order to continually improve.  Additionally, the Company strives to maintain a healthy and constructive relationship with clients in order to help each other grow well beyond the next generation.

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The Valles fleet is managed in house with ships maintained beyond compare.  Valles technical management style is proactive which translates into lower risk, fewer accidents and reduced down time.  Valles' Safety Management System (SMS) is modeled in accordance with IMO's Safety Management Code.  As a result, the Company's operations are effectively controlled to prevent any injuries, loss of life, damage to health, property and degradation of the environment.  Valles sets ZERO incidents and ZERO spills to the seas as a goal.



Valles manages its crew from its manning office in Mumbai.  Before joining the Marine, Operations, Technical and Safety Departments will ensure that each candidate is well experienced with any shortcomings resolved before deployment.  Doing so ensures that each and every joiner it is properly vetted to the highest possible standard.  Additionally, the crew managers will ensure the Master is qualified for command, fully conversant with the Company's SMS and that the officers and crew have the necessary support on shore for their duties to be safely performed.

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Valles' vessels are primarily time chartered to long-term clients and business partners.  The chartering, insuring, and day-to-day operations are done internally by a well experienced team.  Clients benefit from reduced costs via long term relationships with other industry partners.  Valles is a safe and reliable shipowner that has weathered the cyclicality of the markets and has remained steadfast over time.

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